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BFT Cellular Apt Cellbox FM - MULTICOM500BFTF

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Cellular Apt Cellbox FM. Designed and manufactured by BFT.

BFT Cellular Apt Cellbox FM - MULTICOM500BFTF

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BFT Cellular Apartment Intercom Cellbox

The BFT Cellular Apt Cellbox FM MULTICOM500BFTF features an innovative design that allows for cellular intercom use for up to 500 apartments. With the MULTICOM500BFTF, you can speak and grant or deny access to visitors from anywhere in the world directly from your mobile phone. It features an all stainless steel body as well as a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty, ensuring long-life regardless of excessive use. Additionally, this callbox features a keypad for coded access and an easy to read LCD display with directory scroll and direct dialing of apartments. It can easily be programmed via built in keypad and LCD display, PC, or remotely by SMS.


Please Note: BFT wifi/cellular product is recommended to be installed by a licensed and professional installer.


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