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BFT Dampy B 219/700 Semi-Automatic Gas Bollard - P970085

BFT Dampy B 219/700 Semi-Automatic Gas Bollard - P970085
BFT Dampy B 219/700 Semi-Automatic Gas Bollard - P970085

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The BFT Dampy B 219/700 is a semi-automatic gas bollard designed for control of access roads. This bollard is controlled with an end stroke automatic locking system and uses its gas operator for assisted shaft rising. The mechanism release system is key operated using a standard triangular bit release key. In order to keep aesthetic consitency, this bollard is designed stylistically identical to the automatic bollards. This bollards semi-automatic design allows for frequent manipulation, allowing for efficient access control.


Reference Standards

  • 2004/108/CEE; 93/68/CEE (EN55014-1; EN55014-2) - Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 2006/95/CEE; 93/68/CEE (EN60335-1(2002)) - Low voltage
  • 2006/42/CEE (EN60204-1) - Machinery Directive



  • Drived Rod out of Ground: ~Ø8.66 in x h. ~27.56 in (±0.12in) x th. ~0.20 in, steel Fe 360
  • Buried Structure: ~Ø11.61 x h. ~45.87 in
  • Foundation: Concrete
  • Excavation: ~39.37 x ~39.27 x h. ~55.12 in.
  • Break-In Resistance: 150,000 J
  • Allowable Axial Static Load: Bollard up max 3,000 N; bollard down mac 150,000 N
  • Driven Rod Treatment: Cataphoresis and RAL 7015 powdered paint, other colors available upon request
  • Passive Visibility: Reflective Film (optional)
  • Flange: Cast-Iron, cataphoresis black
  • Top Cover: Cast-Iron, cataphoresis black
  • Lifting: By means of a gas spring

Electrical Features:

  • Light Power Supply: ALLU
  • Power: Light cable 24 Vac ± 10%, 50-60 Hz (up to 80 bollards)
  • Power Consumption: 1 W per bollard
  • Signalling: On the top with high intensity LEDs and buzzer (optional)

Additional Information

SKU P970085
Bollard Height 700 mm
Functionality Standard
Automation Type Semi-Automatic
Material Painted Steel
Bollard Model Dampy
Condition New

BFT Dampy B 219/700 Semi-Automatic Gas Bollard - P970085