BFT Deimos BT Rack and Pinion Slide Gate Opener Kit (MITTO 2 + Reflective Beam) - KR925228 00003

The Deimos BT 24 volt electromechanical operator kit will smoothly open and close slide gates weighing up to 1,100 pounds. Includes one Mitto transmitter and one reflective beam.
Part Number: KR925228 00003
$710.30 each
$710.30 each
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BFT Deimos BT Rack and Pinion Slide Gate Opener Kit (MITTO 2 + Reflective Beam) - KR925228 00003

This kit includes a Deimos BT UL/CSA automatic slide gate opener from BFT that is capable of moving gates weighing up to 1,100 pounds and measuring 75 feet in length. This kit includes one MITTO2 rolling code transmitter and one reflective beam.

The Deimos BT UL/CSA Kit Includes:

  • (1) DEIMOS BT Slide Gate Operator with incorporated control board & rolling code receiver
  • (1) MITTO2 two-channel rolling code remote / transmitter
  • (1) Polarized Reflective Beams

Smart Technology

The Deimos features many smart technology features that continue to lead the industry, such as electromechanical microswitches that control the end of stroke, an incorporated two-channel rolling code radio receiver, and a self contained control unit with self-learning & self-diagnostic functions that is also compatible with the EELink protocol.

Safe Use

This unit, powered at 24V, has been specially designed for simpler and faster installation in compliance with the latest safety standards. Thanks to the units obstruction sensing device, the gate operator reverses motion and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event of detecting contact.

Simpler Installation

Many features of the Deimos make installation and operation simpler than ever. The Deimos slide gate opener has an incorporated control board (meaning you don't have to buy one separately) positioned right on front for easy accessibility. This control unit can easily be programmed using the LCD display.


  • Control Panel: QSC D UL (included)
  • Reversible/Irreversible Operator: Irreversible
  • Power Supply: 24v
  • Absorbed Power: 0.1 hp (70 W)
  • Thermal Protection: Integrated in the control unit
  • Leaf Speed: 7.9 ips (12 m/min)
  • Output Rotational Speed: 79 rpm
  • Pinion Pitch: 4 mm (14 teeth)
  • Impact Reaction: Electronic torque limiter
  • Limit Switches: Electromechanical
  • Manual Release: Mechanical release with knob
  • Operating Cycle: Intensive use
  • Environmental Conditions: From 5°F (-15°C) to 140°F (+60°C)
  • Degree of Protection: IP24
  • Operator Weight: 16 lbs
  • Fuse Value (QSC Board Transformer): 0.63A T
  • Fuse Value (QSC Board Logic Unit): 2A T

Compatible Racks

A rack sliding gate requires a rack to be used with your sliding gate. Below are the compatible racks we sell for the ARES series of slide gate openers.

  • CFZ - 6 1/2 ft galvanized steel rack
  • CVZ - 3 1/4 ft galvanized steel rack
  • CP - 3 1/4 ft plastic rack

Battery Backup

To make your gate operation continue smoothly during power outages, an optional battery back-up unit (P125002) can be fitted directly within the operator casing. This smart battery backup system will charge the batteries while power is supplied, and once a power loss is detected it will switch over to emergency battery power. Never worry about a power outage again!

Solar Powered Option

It's never been easier to upgrade your gate operator by powering it through solar energy. We have a complete solar powered kit that will upgrade your system to run off of the free energy of the sun, saving you on your energy bill month after month. These ECOSOL solar powered systems can easily be upgraded. You can upgrade the battery capacity by simpling attaching a double battery expansion kit, or you can increase the charge rate by adding additional solar panels.

*Disclaimer: Transmitters included in package may be 2 or 4 button.

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Name BFT Deimos BT Rack and Pinion Slide Gate Opener Kit (MITTO 2 + Reflective Beam) - KR925228 00003
SKU KR925228 00003
Alternate Part Number 2614817
Slide Gate Model Deimos
Input Voltage 110/115/120 AC (60 Hz, 1 Phase)
Kit Includes Control Board, Photocell, Receiver, Transmitter
Max Gate Weight 1100 lbs
Max Gate Length 75 ft
Opening Speed 7.9" per second
Price $710.30