DSP-10 Vehicle Detector - KDSP10LV

The KDSP10LV is a BFT DSP-10 Vehicle Detector. The DSP-10 has been designed to handle all parking, drive through and access control applications.
Part Number: KDSP10LV

$109.37 each


DSP-10 Vehicle Detector - KDSP10LV

The DSP-10 vehicle detector has been specifically designed to handle all parking, drive-through and access control applications.

Working on virtually any size loop, the DSP-10 automatically tunes itself to the best operating frequency. Environmental conditions are constantly compensated with the DSP-10’s HYPERTRACK software. The DSP-10’s inherent noise filtering algorithms allow it to work reliably in any electrical situation.

It can be used as either a safety loop or free exit loop detector. With the flexibility to be either “fail safe” or “fail secure,” it is the only parking detector you will ever need.

The DSP-10 is available in three voltage ranges: 
DSP-10-LV:      10 to 30 Volts, AC or DC 
DSP-10-117:   117 Volts AC 
DSP-10-230:   230 Volts AC With its compact size, front panel switch features, and built-in flexibility the DSP-10 is the most “user friendly” detector on the market today.

- Specs -
Loop Size: Works on any in-ground inductive loop from 20 to 1000 uH.
Fail Safe or Fail Secure Operation: Can be easily changed to either mode in the field.
Power Brownout Call Memory: Power interruptions of short duration are ignored. If power fails for approximately three seconds or less the DSP-10 “remembers” a vehicle.
Intelligent Power Protection: The DSP-10-LV  is protected from damage if plugged into a higher voltage.  No need to change a fuse or reset a circuit breaker, simply plug the detector into the proper voltage and it works. 
Indicators: Separate Power/Fail and Detect LEDs.
Compact Size: Industry standard 11 pin connector in a small plastic case.

- Switches -
Sensitivity: Ten sensitivity settings.
Frequency: Automatically tunes within one of  four operating ranges.
Outputs: Two separate relay outputs with features that are front panel programmable as follows:
   Output A - Main detection output.  Can be modified by delay and extension.  Factory set to be fail safe.  Fail mode operation is easily 
   changeable by internal jumpers.
   Output B - Can be set to one of the following:
       1) True presence (no extension or delay)
       2) Pulse on vehicle entering loop
       3) Pulse on vehicle exiting loop
       4) Loop Fail output
Sensitivity Boost: Can be used in special applications to insure complete detection of high-bed vehicles.
Hold Time: Normal or extended hold time is selectable.
Loop Failure: If the loop fails (opens or shorts) the power indicator flashes.  Output B can also indicate this condition if desired (see above).  The option to “remember” an intermittent loop failure is also provided.
Delay: Can be selected to ignore fast moving vehicles over the loop.
Extension: Extends a call for slow moving vehicles. 

Additional Information

Voltage 230 V
Condition New