BFT E5 BT A12 UL Pedestrian Swing Gate Opener Kit For Single Doors - 2618083

Used in residential applications, the BFT E5 BT A12 UL is an electromechanical automated pedestrian swing gate opener. The compact design and slide arm allow for installation on small pillars and columns and in tight spaces. This operator is U-Link compatible and will need to be paired with a photo eye.
Part Number: 2618083
$1,199.87 each
$1,199.87 each


BFT E5 BT A12 UL Pedestrian Swing Gate Opener Kit For Single Doors - 2618083

BFT E5 BT A12 UL is a reversible electromechanically automated pedestrian swing gate opener installed primarily at homes and apartment buildings. The unit's compact design and articulated sliding arm allow it to be installed on pillars, columns, and gate posts, and in tight spaces. The opener is used to open pedestrian gates of up to 4.24 ft and 175 lbs., ideally opening and closing the gate in less than 7 seconds. The BFT E5 BT A12 UL utilizes a primary lever, an absolute encoder limit switch, and D-Track dynamic path tracking, ensuring safe operation regardless of weather. This opener kit can be set to Push&Go mode, allowing a simple push to initiate full opening and is easy to install and program to your desired settings.


  • U-Link compatibility
  • Compact Design
  • D-Track Dynamic Path Tracking
  • Easy Installation
  • Absolute Encoder
  • 4.5-6.4 Opening Speed
  • Push&Go Mode
  • Residential Multi-User Application


  • Thalia UL Control Board
  • 120 V Battery Power Supply
  • 24V Motor
  • 100 W Power Consumption
  • 4.25 ft Maximum Gate Length
  • 175lbs. Maximum Gate Weight
  • 6.5 second Opening Time
  • Reversible
  • 100 cycles/hour Use Frequency

Kit Includes

  • (1) BFT E5 BT A12 UL Door Opener Motor
  • (1) Articulated Arm
  • (1) 120V Thalia UL Control Board With 10" x 12" Fiberglass Enclosure Box
  • (1) Pair Polarized Reflective Photo Eye Kit With Weather Hood
  • (2) BFT MITTO B RCB02 Two Channel Transmitter Remotes


Specification Sheet

Name BFT E5 BT A12 UL Pedestrian Swing Gate Opener Kit For Single Doors - 2618083
SKU 2618083
Alternate Part Number 2618083
Operator Type Single
Input Voltage 110/115/120 AC (60 Hz, 1 Phase)
Max Gate Weight 176 lbs
Max Gate Length 4 ft
Swing Gate Model E5 BT A
Kit Includes Control Board, Operator , Photocell, Transmitter
Price $1,199.87