BFT Passy Transponder 100 Pack - N999461

Passy makes it possible to command your gate without performing any action. Snag this great deal for 100 numbered Passy transponders.
Part Number: N999461

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BFT Passy Transponder 100 Pack - N999461

This is a bundle pack of 100 Passy transponders, making it easy to equip everyone at your facility with one.

The BFT Passy transponder makes it possible to open and close your gate without performing any action. Similar to systems found on turnpikes, simply approach the gate and it will open automatically. By not having to fumble for a remote as you pull up to the gate, you can keep your eyes out front, keeping you and others safe.

The Passy transponder features smart protection against unauthorized copying, this way if one is lost or stolen it can't be easily duplicated to give everyone access. The Rolling-Code encryption system guarantees 100% secure commands and prevents any sort of external security breach.

Setting up the Passy is dead simple, as it is compatible with any BFT installation already equipped with a Clonix receiver, no need to add a separate device just to communicate with the Passy. All you have to do for installation is connect two power supply wires and you're up and running.

Passy even features all of the popular functions of the MITTO remotes such as clonability, block programming, remote programming and receiver archives management with the Proxima handheld programmer. This transponder can even be integrated with a COMPASS access control system with the use of an RTD-CA.

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