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BFT Phobos BT L Single Swing Gate Operator Kit - KR935245 00001P

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Quick Overview

This is a single swing gate operator kit containing one BFT Phobos BT L operator capable of moving a gate up to 550 lb and 16 ft 5 in.

BFT PHOBOS BT Long Kit UL/CSA Single 24v (Polarized) KR935245 00001P

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  • Phobos BT L Operator
  • Libra UL R Control Panel
  • MITTO Transmitter
  • Polarized Photocells
  • ARB Adjustable Post Bracket
  • Gate Bracket

Product Description

This is a single swing gate operator kit containing one BFT Phobos BT L operator capable of moving a gate up to 550 lb and 16 ft 5 in. The Phobos BT L is a safe gate opener that uses obstruction sensing technology to automatically reverse motion the second contact is detected to prevent harm to a person or vehicle. This is a complete kit including everything you need to get your automatic gate opener up and running.

This Phobos BT L Complete Kit includes:

  • (1) Phobos BT L operator
  • (1) Libra UL R Control Unit
  • (2) Mounting Brackets
  • (2) MITTO2 Rolling Code Remotes / Transmitters
  • (1) Set of two Polarized Photocells
  • Installation Cable


  • Control Panel: Libra UL R (included)
  • Reversible/irreversible operator: irreversible
  • Power supply: 120V - 24 Vdc Motor
  • Absorbed power: 0.05 hp (40 W)
  • Thermal protection: integrated
  • Rod working stroke: 16.1" (410 mm)
  • Rod speed: 0.78"/sec (20 mm/s)
  • Opening / Closing Time: 20 seconds
  • Impact reaction: torque limiter integrated in the control panel
  • Lock: mechanical on open/close
  • Limit switches: magnetic
  • Manual release: release key
  • Operating cycle: intensive use
  • Environmental conditions: -4 deg F to 140 deg F
  • Degree of protection: IP44

Battery Backup

We highly recommend upgrading your gate with a battery backup system available for the Phobos series of gate openers. This kit includes 2 batteries and a smart control unit that will charge the batteries while power is supplied, and automatically switch to backup battery power during a power failure. You'll never have to worry about a power outage affecting the smooth operation of your gate again.

ECOSOL Solar Powered Option

The Phobos gate operators can easily be outfitted with an Ecosol solar powered kit to allow you to power your gate through the free and clean energy of the sun. It's never been easier to save money on your energy bill month after month. We also have an Ecosol kit with a pre-wired Libra control board, to make its easier than ever to get your operator ready to use with the power of the sun.


*Disclaimer: Transmitters included in package may be 2 or 4 button.

Additional Information

SKU KR935245 00001P
Condition New
Operator Type Single
Max Gate Length 16.5 ft
Max Gate Weight 550 lbs
Opening or Closing Time 20 seconds
Voltage 120 V
Photocells Polarized
Manufacturer BFT U.S., Inc.