BFT Praetorian Guard Intercom Kit - Pedestal Mount - PRAE-IP-PED

This pedestal mounted Praetorian Guard model by BFT is easy to mount onto goose neck pedestal, making it perfect for car height. It is easily customizable and can be continuously updated to fit your requirements. The Praetorian Guard Intercom Kit is compatible with the new Praetorian App keeping access at your fingertips! With the updated app and intercom kit, you can be sure that your entry point is easy to manage and well protected.

Part Number: PRAE-IP-PED

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BFT Praetorian Guard Intercom Kit - Pedestal Mount - PRAE-IP-PED

The new pedestal mounted Praetorian Guard Intercom Kit is made to be installed directly onto a pedestal, making this model perfect for vehicle usage. It is customizable, making it the perfect guard for your entry point.

With the new and improved Praetorian App, setting up your device becomes a simple task. Once you’ve connected to your personal WIFI, setup will be completed through the app. This inclusive app keeps access to your property at your fingertips; add your users, view alerts and camera, and answer visitors' calls, open and close your gate, all done via the app!

Kit Includes:

  • Intercom With Speech Panel
  • Antenna
  • Power Supply
  • Installation Manual


  • Speak To and See Your Visitors From Your Smartphone or Tablet
  • Easy Wireless Connection To Existing Home WiFi
  • Get Video Calls Directly From Your Gate or Door, Even When You're Away
  • View Gate or Door Anytime With Monitoring Mode
  • Blue Illuminated Button
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Design
  • HD Color Montion Sensored Camera With Infra-red Night Visision
  • Waterproofed Mylar Adjustable Speaker
  • Coin Cell Battery To Retain Settings While Switched Off

BFT Praetorian Guard Brochure

BFT Praetorian Guard Manual

Additional Information

Product Type Keypad Entry System
Wifi Compatible Yes
Condition New