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ECOSOL Solar Powered System

State-of-the-Art Control Board

BFT has created a revolutionary new solar power control board - the ECOSOL board. This new board allows you to connect any 24VDC BFT gate operator to a solar panel and consume the least amount of power possible during both gate operation and standby mode. Even in standby mode the smart ECOSOL board will supply enough solar energy to ensure that necessary safety devices and safety functions stay activated. This new ECOSOL board will automatically put the BFT gate opener to sleep after not being in use for 5 minutes, allowing for minimal power consumption from the batteries through the day. The control board and operator can easily be woken up by using a BFT MITTO remote control, BFT Q-Box keypad, BFT wall radio switch, or any loop detector. For the first time ever this allows for a completely efficient solar powered solution even in areas that are not in bright sunlight every day.


Another major benefit of the ECOSOL solar powered system is how easy it is to expand upon. Want your batteries to charge faster? Easily add another ECOSOL solar panel to the system. Want to lengthen the amount of time your system can operate off only battery power? Simply add the double battery expansion pack to the system and you'll have double the battery capacity.

Tax Credit

Section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code provides a 30% tax credit to individuals for "qualified solar electric property expenditures" made by taxpayers during taxable years beginning after Dec 31st 2008 and until further notice. BFT solar gate operators, solar kits, and their related accessories (such as extra ECOSOL panels, batteries, chargers, wiring, etc) are all considered "Qualified Solar Electric Property". All the tax payer needs to do is complete Federal form 5695 and attach it to their personal tax return in order to claim the credit. This means that you will get 30% back on any of our qualified solar electric products.

ECOSOL Package Options

So how can you get started turning your 24VDC gate operator into a solar powered gate opener? We have two complete kits available that make it easier than ever to upgrade your gate opener.

We have the standard ECOSOL add-on kit which includes an ECOSOL control board with handle and rapid connectors, two 7.2 Amp/h batteries, solar panel, and harness - everything you need to upgrade your existing operator. This is a perfect solution if you already have an automatic gate operator equipped with a control board. More Info

Our other option is ideal for new gate operators that didn't include and still need a control board. The ECOSOL LIBRA pre-wired enclosure kit includes a 12" x 14" enclosure with both the LIBRA UL/CSA operator control panel and ECOSOL solar control panel pre-wired inside, as well as two 9 Amp/h batteries, a solar panel, and a harness. More Info

We also have available a wide range of complete solar powered kits available that include everything you need to turn your standard gate into a solar powered automatic gate.