IWA Crash Test Rating

Vehicle crashing into barrier

What Is The IWA-14 Crash Test Standard And How Does It Differ From Other Standards?

IWA-14 (International Workshop Agreement 14) is an internationally recognized crash test standard used globally for testing vehicle security barriers. These barriers include bollards, anti-ram barriers, access control barriers, and more. IWA-14 was developed in close cooperation with many international agencies, security companies, and military organizations. The IWA is overseen by the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO for short. The ISO has developed over 24,612 international standards since its start in 1946.

IWA-14 differs from other standards such as PAS 68 and ASTM. PAS 68 is the British testing specification for hostile vehicle mitigation. The ASTM (American Society for Testing Standards) standard is the U.S. crash test rating. The IWA-14 is meant to be a global recognition standard for hostile vehicle mitigation. The IWA-14 rating only uses vehicle tests in the standard methods compared to PAS 68, using simulated and pendulum tests in addition to vehicle tests. IWA-14 has a larger number of vehicle categories than both ASTM and PAS 68. IWA-14 has a total of 9 different types of vehicles ranging in size and weight.

Another way that IWA-14 differs from other standards is that it does not include debris dispersion. Debris dispersion is included with the PAS 68 standard and shows the furthest point that debris weighing over 25kg traveled after the impact. It was included in the PAS 68 rating to help security engineers to visualize the test but has caused some confusion, so it was taken out of the IWA-14 standard. Another difference with the IWA-14 rating is the testing conditions. ASTM products must be installed in low cohesive compacted soil, and PAS 68 does not define a soil type. IWA-14 allows for both in-soil and site-specific installation for the testing.

All BFT Gate Openers bollards have been run through extensive testing and safety standards. If you would like to read into more detail about the IWA-14 standard, check out this ISO page to read the official documentation on the vehicle impact standard. If you have any questions regarding our products or want to place an order, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our helpful sales representatives.

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