U-Link Technology

BFT is one of the leading names in gate automation and access control. U-Link is a revolutionary single communication platform for all types of control units and receivers.

This innovative interconnectivity system is designed to operate using specific gateways for any physical media and communication protocol.

To help installers create and maintain systems, BFT offers solutions based on Bluetooth transmission systems in local and TCP/IP environments for remote connection. U-Link ensures an stable standard, correct communication, and secure data protection.

U-Link features two levels of encryption, including the protocol's data encryption system and password, as well as the underlying communication system. This ensures your access controls are safe and only in your hands.

The U-Link advantage can be broken down into six key points:

  • U-Link is a technological platform that forms the heart of BFT products
  • Uses an open approach: by changing the B-Eba, BFT proprietary gateway, it is possible to adapt to many different communication languages
  • Flexibility: it can work with or without a network connection, depending on the B-Eba gateway installed
  • Enables remote maintenance of the products, thanks to two-way communication
  • Scalable: an infinite number of objects can be added to a single platform
  • Allows the creation of groups of products: various B-Ebas can be aggregated to allow individual or group control of the associated products

If you're looking to condense your control units and receivers into one single communication platform, then BFT U-Link may be right for you.