Why Is My Gate Stuck Open?

Why Is My Gate Stuck BFT Gate Opener

Have you ever experienced the irritation of your automatic gate not working as it should? It is a huge inconvenience and a dangerous security risk for you and your home. Keep reading below for a few common reasons your gate could be stuck in the open position.

Is Debris Blocking Your Gate Path?

The most common malfunction of an automatic gate system that keeps it stuck in the open position is usually debris in the gate path. The most likely items that can throw off the run of your gate and stop it from closing are leaves, rocks, twigs, and weeds. To ensure your gate operates as it should, always check the path of your gate.

Wheel Maintenance For Cantilever Rollers

Does your gate use cantilever rollers? If so, your gate may not close because the wheels need maintenance. Check the cantilever rollers and wheel bearings to start your gate running correctly. Ensuring these parts are well-lubricated and aligned on the track will keep your gate running smoothly. If the rollers are not taken care of, they will experience friction that can lead to wear and tear that halts the gate from functioning as it should and leads to costly repairs.

Check Your Gate Operator Control Board

When your gate is not working, and all other aspects are removed as the culprit, this could all point to the control board. First, try resetting your system. If this doesn't work, you may need a complete replacement. It is essential to do frequent check-ups on the control board to see if water, debris, or any other outdoor elements have accidentally leaked into the housing space. If so, a unit replacement is probably in your future.

Whether your gate is not functioning now or you want to learn preventive steps, this article will help you solve the issue.

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