BFT Ranch C Series 275/800 Fixed Bollard (Stainless Steel)

The BFT Ranch C is a fixed traffic bollard that is designed to be bolted into the ground and prevents access to your entryway or road for long periods of time. The Ranch model is made from stainless steel and is able to withstand excessive force.

  • Bollard Height: 31.50 in.

  • Bollard Diameter: 10.83 in.

Part Number: P970112-1

$1,930.66 each


BFT Ranch C Series 275/800 Fixed Bollard (Stainless Steel)

The BFT Ranch C fixed bollard is designed for permanent installation in order to block traffic. In case of any damage to the bollard, the shaft is easily removable and replaceable. Made with strong AISI316 stainless steel, this model built is to withstand an excessive amount of force. Its fixed installation allows for aesthetic consistency when multiple automatic bollards are not necessary. The minimalistic design of the Ranch C allows for simple yet effective usage.


  • Rod Height: ~31.50 in.
  • Rod Thickness: ~0.12 in.
  • Operator Type: fixed bollard
  • Breaking Resistance: 250,000 J
  • Rod Treatment: brushed AISI316 stainless steel and reflective film

Electrical Features:

  • Light Power Supply: ALLU
  • Power: Light cable 24V +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz (up to 80 bollards)
  • Power Consumption: 1 W for each bollard
  • Signalling: On the top with high-intensity LEDs (optional)

Specification Sheet

Additional Information

SKU P970112-1
Bollard Height 800 mm (31.50 in.)
Bollard Diameter 275 mm (10.83 in.)
Functionality Standard
Automation Type Fixed
Material Stainless Steel
Bollard Model Ranch