BFT Manuals

General Brochures

BFT Automatic Doors BFT Barrier Operators BFT Bollards BFT Garage Door Operators BFT Linear Actuators BFT Slide Gates BFT Electromechanical Swing Gates BFT Hydraulic Swing Gates BFT Barrier Boom Lengths BFT Pull To Open Geometry

A-180 Swing Gate Operator

BFT A-180 SW Manual

A-200 Swing Gate Operator

BFT A-200 SW Manual

E5 Swing Gate Operator

BFT E5 Manual BFT E5 Brochure BFT E5 Specifications

Eli Swing Gate Operator

BFT Eli 250 Manual BFT Eli 250 Setup BFT Eli 250 BT Manual BFT Eli 250 BT Setup

Igea Swing Gate Operator

BFT Igea BT Quick Start Guide BFT Igea BT Manual BFT Igea BT Brochure BFT Igea BT Catalog BFT Igea BT Cut Sheet BFT Igea LB Catalog

Joint Swing Gate Operator

BFT Joint Manual BFT Joint Brochure BFT Joint Cut Sheet

Kustos Swing Gate Operator

BFT Kustos BT Manual BFT Kustos Ultra BT Manual BFT Kustos Ultra BT A40 Brochure

Lux Swing Gate Operator

BFT Lux Manual BFT Lux Brochure BFT Lux Cut Sheet BFT Lux FC Manual BFT Lux UL CSA Manual

Lux BT Swing Gate Operator

BFT Lux BT 2B Quick Start Guide BFT Lux BT 2B Manual BFT Lux G BT 2B Manual

Oro Swing Gate Operator

BFT Oro Manual BFT Oro E Manual

Phobos Swing Gate Operator

BFT Phobos BT N Quick Start Guide BFT Phobos N BT Manual BFT Phobos NL BT Manual BFT Phobos w/ Ecosol Manual BFT Phobos N L BT w/ Thalia Manual BFT Phobos N BT Catalog BFT Phobos N BT Catalog II BFT Phobos BT L Brochure BFT Phobos Cut Sheet BFT Phobos Maglock Diagram

P4.5 Swing Gate Operator

BFT P4.5 Manual BFT P4.5 Brochure BFT P4.5 Catalog

P7 Swing Gate Operator

BFT P7 Manual BFT P7 Brochure BFT P7 Catalog

Sub Swing Gate Operator

BFT Sub Manual BFT Sub Brochure BFT Sub Cut Sheet

Sub BT Swing Gate Operator

BFT Sub BT Manual BFT Sub BT Brochure BFT Sub BT Catalog

Virgo Swing Gate Operator

BFT Virgo Manual BFT Virgo Brochure BFT Virgo Catalog BFT Virgo Cut Sheet

A-300 Slide Gate Operator

BFT A-300 SL Manual

Ares Slide Gate Operator

BFT Ares Manual BFT Ares Brochure BFT Ares Catalog BFT Ares Cut Sheet

Deimos Slide Gate Operator

BFT Deimos BT Quick Start Guide BFT Deimos 700 Manual BFT Deimos BT QSC D MA Manual BFT Deimos BT UL Manual BFT Deimos BT Brochure BFT Deimos BT Catalog BFT Deimos BT Cut Sheet BFT Deimos Catalog BFT Deimos Plate Manual

Icaro Slide Gate Operator

BFT Icaro UL Manual BFT Icaro N F Manual BFT Icaro Brochure BFT Icaro Catalog BFT Icaro Cut Sheet BFT Icaro Plate Manual

SP3500 Slide Gate Operator

BFT SP3500 Manual BFT SP3500 Brochure

SP4000 Slide Gate Operator

BFT SP4000 Cut Sheet

Giotto Barrier Arm Operator

BFT Giotto 30-60 BT Manual BFT Giotto 30-60 S BT Manual

Maxima Barrier Arm Operator

BFT Maxima 30 Manual BFT Maxima 60-80 Manual BFT Maxima Ultra 35 Manual BFT Maxima Ultra 68 Manual

Michelangelo Barrier Arm Operator

BFT Michelangelo Manual BFT Michelangelo Brochure BFT Michelangelo Cut Sheet

Moovi Barrier Arm Operator

BFT Moovi 30-50 UL CSA Manual BFT Moovi BT 30-50 Manual BFT Moovi Wiring Diagram BFT Moovi Cut Sheet

Dampy Bollard

BFT Dampy B Manual

Grizzly Bollard

BFT Grizzly Brochure

Pillar Bollard

BFT Pillar B Manual

Privee Bollard

BFT Privee Manual BFT Privee Brochure BFT Privee Cut Sheet

Ranch Bollard

BFT Ranch B Manual BFT Ranch C Manual

Stoppy Bollard

BFT Stoppy B Manual BFT Stoppy Case Manual BFT Stoppy MBB Manual

Twin Bollard

BFT Twin Manual BFT Twin Light Manual

XPass Bollard

BFT XPass B 800C Manual

Alcor Control Board

BFT Alcor UL Manual

Aries Control Board

BFT Aries UL Manual

Leo Control Board

BFT Leo B CBB 3 Manual BFT Leo D UL Manual BFT Leo MA UL Manual

Libra UL R Control Board

BFT Libra UL R Manual BFT Libra UL R Quick Start Guide BFT Libra UL R Maglock Wiring BFT Libra UL R w/ Ecosol Manual

Mizar Control Board

BFT Mizar UL Manual

Rigel Control Board

BFT Rigel 4 UL Quick Start Guide BFT Rigel 4 UL Manual BFT Rigel 5 Manual

Thalia Control Board

BFT Thalia Manual BFT Thalia LEB Quick Start Guide BFT Thalia Maglock Wiring

Thalia P Control Board

BFT Thalia P Manual BFT Thalia P Brochure BFT Thalia P Battery Backup

Zara Control Board

BFT Zara BTL2 Manual

Ecosol Solar Power

BFT Ecosol Quick Start Guide BFT Ecosol Quick Installation Guide BFT Libra UL R w/ Ecosol Manual BFT Phobos w/ Ecosol Manual BFT Ecosol Solar Panel Manual BFT Ecosol Box Manual BFT Ecosol Double Manual BFT Ecosol Brochure BFT Ecosol Specifications BFT Ecosol Specifications (Español)

Keypads and Intercoms

BFT Cell Box Manual BFT Cell Box Brochure BFT Cell Box Prime Manual BFT Cell Box Prime Brochure BFTGSMPLUS-10B Manual BFTGSMPLUS-10B Brochure BFT Multicom Manual BFT Multicom Brochure BFT Q.BO Key Manual BFT Q.BO Pad Manual BFT Q.BO Touch Quick Start Guide BFT Seletto Manual BFT Seletto E Manual BFT WIFI Video Callbox w/ Keypad Manual BFT WIFI Video Callbox w/ Keypad Brochure BFT-WIFI-TOUCH Brochure

Cellbox Switch Entry Device

BFT Cellbox Switch Manual BFT Cellbox Switch Brochure

Transmitters and Receivers

BFT Transmitter Programming BFT Car Access Kit Manual BFT Clonix E Receiver Manual BFT Clonix with Mitto Manual BFT GSM Receiver Manual BFT Mitto B RCB Brochure BFT RTD Receiver Manual BFT TEO 2 Manual BFT TEO 4 Manual


BFT Akta A30 Manual BFT Cellula 50 Manual BFT DCW Brochure BFT Desme Manual BFT Eris A30 Manual BFT KIRPOLAPHOT001 Manual BFT MRPC33 Manual BFT Thea A15 Manual


BFT Passy Manual BFT Passy Catalog BFT Passy Brochure BFT Passy Folleto (Español) BFT Phase-In Passy Brochure


BFT Compass SC Manual BFT Compass Slim Manual

Folding Door Automation

BFT Forb Manual

Industrial Sectional Door Automation

BFT Argo Manual BFT Argo G Manual BFT Pegaso Manual

Overhead Door Automation

BFT Berma Manual BFT Botticelli Venere Manual BFT Phebe N Manual BFT Tiziano Manual

Piston Automation for Swing Gates

BFT Giuno Ultra BT Manual

Roll-Up Door Automation

BFT Wind RMB Manual BFT Wind RMC Manual

Vista Door Automation

BFT Kit Montaggio Vista SL Manual BFT Vista SL Manual BFT Vista SL C Manual BFT Vista SW MXL Manual BFT Vista SW SXL Manual BFT Vista TL Manual

Actuator for Rack Sliding Gates

BFT Oberon Tri A2000 INV Manual


BFT Axxedo Quick Start Guide BFT Axxedo Slot Manual


BFT U-Base Cloud 10 Manual BFT U-Base 2 PC Manual BFT U-SDK Quick Start Guide

Miscellaneous Accessories

BFT BLTA Manual BFT CSP Rubber Edge Manual BFT Espas 30 I Manual BFT FCS BT Manual BFT Ipnos B LTC Brochure BFT Janica Manual BFT MCL Light Kit Manual BFT Proxima Manual